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Hey look at these crazy suckers !
Homepage - Click here to go to the start page of the site The Scans - The whole reason you are here, possibly. Click on the button to view some scans of, wait for it; faces ! Like the idea, wanna be infamous? Click on the Send Face button, Go !  How To... - A guide to scanning your face to send to * It is recommended to read before scanning. Safe Scan - A document describing the correct procedures and safety recomendations for safe scanning of your face whilst operating the scanning device. *OS recommended. Send Face - This is the link to upload your face and information about it, or yourself...   Send Mail - If you would like to send the webmaster any comments, or money, use this link. Only joking, all mail appreciated, more so than others ;)

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Welcome to the Place to be.

Go on...Scan your face .com

Send your face scan and brief info to website by CAd dot Services London